A Few Little Things

  1. Every night before bed, I make some tea and write in my journal. I look in the mirror and remind myself of something good I did that day, and a challenge I overcame. I think of three things I love about myself. And sometimes I do squats, and then it’s off to bed.
  2. I had a weird phase when I just didn’t like normal bacon; I thought it was too fatty. My mom got tired of me picking all the fat off my bacon, so for a few years I switched to turkey bacon almost completely. I’ve gone back to the good side since I came to college, but I don’t mind turkey bacon from time to time.
  3. Most people know that I love dogs and I want a dog as soon as I get the chance (which isn’t that far off, really), but not a lot of people know that I really like pitbulls. They’re so sweet, loyal, and smart, and with the right kind of care they can make the perfect pets. So when it comes time for me to rescue my first dog (because why buy when there are so many in shelters?), chances are it’ll be a pitbull.

    pitbull puppy

    Just look at that little face!

  4. I really love all things vanilla. Candles, lotions, ice cream, perfume, this iced latte I’m currently drinking…it’s my favorite. Peppermint is a close second.
  5. Spartacus (on Netflix) is my guilty pleasure. I’ve seen all four seasons backwards and forwards, and I just can’t get enough of it.
  6. I’m considering a career in food writing, but I don’t like certain foods that a lot of foodies like: fancy cheeses, oysters/clams (can’t stand them), unnecessarily expensive meat. Just give me a good burger or pizza and I’m set!
  7. I have this habit of listening to songs/albums on repeat for hours. Or days. And I never get sick of them.
  8. Right now, I’m giving up chocolate and fries. Other than a granola bar last week, I’ve been good so far. It’s done wonders for my skin and this may have to be a permanent thing (or I’ll finally get that whole “moderation” thing that everyone keeps talking about). chocolate
  9. I’ve followed this one blogger, The Londoner, for almost five years. And when I say follow, I mean I’ve checked her blog every day for new posts and have spent countless hours browsing old ones. She was the first person who inspired me to blog and while I don’t have any desire to work in PR, move to London, and adopt a fluffy Morkie marshmallow and name it Custard (okay, maybe that last part isn’t true), she definitely has some aspects of the life I want.
  10. This year I’m making more conscious decisions about where I shop and trying my best to support Black businesses. This isn’t always easy for clothes, but I’ve found some great restaurants, accessories, and hair and skin products/lines that I really like!


    Still in love with this bag from Double Clutched

  11. Once upon a time (senior year of high school) I took an amazing beginner’s photography class. I loved being the master of the entire process, from finding subjects and developing B&W film to making prints and framing them in a gallery. Since I started so late I wasn’t able to advance to color film or a digital class. I love my digital camera but over spring break I plan on digging up my film camera and getting back to that passion.
  12. I really want to try vlogging this year, at least once or twice. Just another step towards getting comfortable in front of a camera.
  13. People think my mom is my sister quite often, and this week my dad and I were asked if we were siblings. I’m not mad, because Black don’t crack.


    It’s like looking at my future.

That’s all for now. Until next time 🙂



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