Getting in the Spirit

After many coffee-fueled nights, too-early mornings, and a lot of writing, I’m finally on break. I’ve taken a few days to get my mind right and to adjust to being home, and now I’m back on the blog. Instead of assuming the role of Couch Potato for the week like I always do, I’m slowly and surely getting my life together. The past few days have included baking rum cake with my mom (recipe to come soon!), making a much-needed hair appointment, and getting Christmas gifts for my loved ones. Oh, and lots of sleeping in. The trunks under my eyes have shrunken to their appropriate carry-on size.


So what have I been up to in the past few months? Basically a little bit of everything. I took a bunch of writing-intensive classes, finished my language requirement, and an African dance class. I joined the staff of Black Star Magazine as an editor and assumed the role of Music Director of my a cappella group. In my spare time, I applied to dozens of internships. My semester was heavily driven by deadlines and I don’t think I had an extended period of down time between early October and last week. But I can say with pride that I made it through these last few months with good grades, a new internship for a great magazine, and my sanity!

I got to have more time for fun than I thought I would. My schedule was hectic at times, but I still found time for Netflix, lots of surprise brunches, parties and movie nights with my friends, and even a few concerts. I never got to see Pentatonix (I vow to see them before I graduate) but I did get to see Lianne La Havas and she was incredible.


My ears were blessed.

I had enough coffee, pancakes, and fried food during finals week to last me a month or two, at least. I’ve been good to my body since I got home, though; avocado with whole wheat bagels for breakfast, lots of fruit during the day, and veggie packed dinners at night. But you know me. I’ll find a way to pack in some indulgences over break. A friend got me hooked on eggs benedict and I’m craving some chorizo and salted caramel gelato. I’ll definitely get more sleep. And if I get to have any adventures over break, I’ll be sure to share them on this blog.

Until next time!



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