The Original Pancake House

Fall Break is coming to a close, but I’m already readjusting to my school schedule. I’m trying to get back to sleeping normal, reasonable hours, and I’m catching up and getting ahead on my schoolwork. I’ve had an amazing break filled with fun, great memories, and most importantly, AMAZING food! And I just have to share a new breakfast place with you: The Original Pancake House.

Some might say I talk about breakfast too much, and that may be true. But trust me, this place is one of the best. I won’t bore you with pictures of decor because I know what you really want to get to, the food!


I try to start my breakfasts with fresh fruit so I don’t feel as bad for stuffing my face with less-healthy foods later on. This fruit was perfectly fresh and the cream had just the right amount of sweetness to not be overwhelming. I had a hot chocolate with the same cream (not pictured, unfortunately) and it was the most delicious warm beverage I’ve ever had. Sorry Starbucks!

It can be hard to choose your order if you’re going for pancakes, not because the menu is difficult, but because there are 16 different varieties of pancakes (not to mention the waffles and crepes) and you’ll want to try ALL of them. Luckily for me, there was one recipe that I just couldn’t say no to: Bacon Pancakes.


I’ve seen recipes for Bacon Pancakes everywhere, but I’ve never been able to make them myself. It’s something about the flip, I guess, or the timing…thankfully, I’ll never have to crave Bacon Pancakes for too long because the ones at TOPH are fantastic! Perfectly soft, fluffy pancakes with thick, crisp bacon. Simple and delicious, they are truly a meal on their own, especially if you order six like I did…but it’s so worth it. Let’s have another look, shall we?


I couldn’t handle any more sides on top of a half dozen pancakes, but my date went for a delicious ham and egg scramble…


And some delicious potatoes!


His strawberry and banana pancakes (not on the menu, but they’ll happily let you customize your order) were as delicious as they were pretty, and came with that wonderful cream from earlier as well as a light, sweet strawberry syrup. I’m not much of a syrup fan, as you know, but this one tasted more like warm jelly. The perfect addition to those pancakes!

DSC_1575 DSC_1576

We loved the food and the overall experience. The price can add up if you order as much as we did, but it’s certainly not unreasonable. Here’s the website. There are locations all around the country and even South Korea and Japan; try one out and let me know what you think! And if you happen to try the Apple Pancake, let me know how it tastes; it looks incredible!

Leave me a comment if there are any other great places I should try!




  1. Sheriden · October 30, 2015

    Hey Ash! Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! Your blog is beautiful and this food is making my mouth water something serious. I am instantly weakened by food photography lol. You inquired about the camera I use. I use a Canon Rebel T3i and I edit my photos in a software that came with the kit. Right now, I only use a kit lens but I’m investing in a zoom lens soon. I hope that helps! Happy blogging 😉

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