Surviving Songfest (Odyssey)

It’s almost that time again! In just a few days, Emory will be swarmed with bright-eyed, bushy-tailed…squirrels, just like every year. But there will also be a brand new class of freshmen! Depending on if you see them before or after Songfest practices and Creating Emory sessions, they may or may not be so bright-eyed, but they’ll probably be so excited to start their time at Emory and have an awesome year.

Speaking of SongFest… let me give you a little preview of what will actually happen.

If this tradition doesn’t scream “EMORY,” I don’t know what will. It is fun, intense and one of the best ways to bond with your hallmates.

The true test isn’t SongFest, though (well actually, it is because it’s judged, but just bear with me for a second). SongFest is so much more than just the big performance. It’s going through hours upon hours of running through songs that your RAs and SAs put half their summers into.

It is realizing that maybe half of your hall (or less) has a decent sense of rhythm. And the rest, well…they make it work.

And it is powering through all of it with a smile when you just want to go back to your room and crash.

You’ll get annoyed by the two or three people other than your ResLife staff who are SO EXCITED to rep your hall.

You’ll get frustrated because, on top of new classes, homework, stalking OPUS, worrying about auditions for that music or dance group you desperately want to join, or wanting to find a time to talk to that cutie in Turman (you know, a time when you’re NOT sweaty and out of breath from rehearsing on the LSM lawn for three hours), you have to go sing and dance while you’re craving dinner and sleep.

And if you’re in one of the unlucky dorms that has to practice outside in the middle of Hotlanta in August…

But don’t despair!! Once you get to the WoodPEC (the gym, in case you didn’t know…Emory is full of acronyms) and you hear the screaming and cheering of other dorms, and you see Lord Dooley hitting the nae-nae and giving you life, you’ll realize that THIS is your moment, and you’ll want nothing more than to run out on the court, scream at the top of your lungs and prove to your whole class that YOU RUN THIS.

Besides, your professors will understand when your voices are gone the next day.

So smile, young grasshoppers. It’ll all be worth it. And you’ll have plenty of upperclassmen cheering you on, myself included.

And if you’re in Longstreet-Means, which just so happens to be the reigning Songfest champion and my glorious first-year home…make me proud.

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