Egg Harbor Cafe

A widely known fact about me is that I love food. I can be picky about what foods I’ll eat, and I was an extremely picky eater growing up, but for the most part I’m easy to please. And as I’ve gotten older and developed more specific tastes (or pretended to), I’ve come to love breakfast food even more. Brunch is now my second favorite meal behind late night dinners (there’s something gloriously naughty about them), and according to my loved ones, it’s really funny to see how much joy I find in a good stack of pancakes with bacon.

So naturally, when it was my turn to plan a date last Saturday that started around noon-ish, I could only think of one place to go.

Credits to Scribbles and Tostitos for this first picture!

Credits to Scribbles and Tostitos for this first picture!

A wonderful friend of mine first told me about Egg Harbor Cafe in my sophomore year. I knew I had to experience it for myself after hearing her gush about the “melt-in-your-mouth” pancakes for a good 20 minutes or so. A few weeks after her recommendation, I took my mom. Months later, I brought my dad. Now the whole family is in love with the food at EHC, so I thought it was only right to bring my guy there this summer. He probably loves breakfast/brunch foods even more than I do, so I knew he’d appreciate it. And boy, was I right. His face lit up when I surprised him with breakfast this weekend at EHC, and we went straight for our favorites.


I’m trying to get him to like tea. He won’t admit it, but it’s working 😉


I wanted something a little spicy, so I got an egg scrambler with chorizo sausage, spinach, and tomatoes. A perfect blend of flavors, just enough spice, and great textures. This might be my new regular order.


My date went for the Butcher Shop omelette: bacon, ham, and sausage topped with melted Jack cheese. A lot of cheese. Enough cheese to make us look at each other like “Wut?” He swears it was still delicious, though.

I feel bad for those poor English muffins, because they really couldn’t compare to these babies…


Fun fact: angels sang when these were brought to our table. True story.

And it’s truly not their fault. I had a nibble of the muffins to be fair before I dove in on my stack of pancakes. As always, they were fluffy, airy, and they literally melted in my mouth. I could eat them every day for the rest of my life and be happy. AND they’re whole wheat, so I wouldn’t feel bad about doing it.


Is it weird that I don’t eat syrup?

We left full and happy, like we always do!

I highly recommend Egg Harbor Cafe if you’re trying to get out of the Emory bubble (or for my out-of-towners, if you’re in the Atlanta area). It’s fairly cheap and delicious, and one of my favorite places in the city.

Where should I eat next? I’m always on the hunt for awesome food!



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