Simply the Best

Dear Mom,

Every now and then you ask me if I think you’re doing a good job as a mother. It always blows my mind, because I can never think of anything you could do to become a better mom. You’re already the best! I don’t know too many girls who can say that they’re best friends with their moms on any given day, but I can.


Regardless of if we argue or get on each other’s nerves, I know that you always have my back and that you love me unconditionally. I know I haven’t been the easiest child. I know there were times when I frustrated you a lot, and maybe you wanted to throw in the towel. But you never gave up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself. You never stopped pushing me to be my best. And you never stopped sacrificing for me.


            I look up to you for so many reasons. You’re strong, level-headed, driven, and you treat everyone you meet with sincere kindness. You keep our family from getting lost in chaos (even if it does involve nagging me and Dad a lot), and I can always turn to you for a laugh or a hug whenever I need it. You live your life as an example to others for how to be great. And on top of ALL OF THAT, you still manage to look flawless every day. No, seriously, I envy your sense of style, your poise, and your grace. You never let anyone get in the way of your happiness and your goals, and that’s something I work to do every day.


            So the next time you get the urge to ask me if you’re a good mom, please know that you’re the greatest mom in the world and I wouldn’t change a thing about you. In time I’ll become a better daughter and I’ll show my appreciation for you even more, so that maybe one day you’ll know just how perfect you are to me and how much I love you.


Happy Mother’s Day.


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