It’s been a while.

Not much has happened since Christmas, despite all of the elaborate plans I made for the rest of break. My cousin went back home to prepare for her semester abroad in Germany (Sham, if you’re reading this, I have one thing to say: chocolate) the same day I went back to Emory for the start of my own semester. Most of our post-Christmas days were spent napping, cooking, watching TV/movies together, and sharing stories about our family. Sham is my cousin on my dad’s side and she’s close to a lot of relatives that I’ve either never met or have very little memory of, so it was great to finally connect names to faces and events. So even though it wasn’t the exciting Winter Break that I always imagined, I think this is exactly the break that I needed.

10868134_10202120852223399_7055573061018614627_n 10445513_10202161852688385_8465109089120911437_n

All good things must come to an end, I guess. Now that I’m back at Emory and have started most of my classes, I can safely say that this will be a straightforward and enjoyable semester. At the very least, I like a lot of my professors, and some of them are a lot funnier than I expected. From conversations about Frozen and how it ties in to mythology (I had no idea about the story of the Snow Queen) to the excitement of creating my own species account….I just feel so ready to dive into my studies this semester. That’s saying a lot, especially since I’m taking my first PE class in almost five years. I’ve always wanted to try cycling, and after doing it a few times I’ve realized that I can easily reach my fitness goals by taking this class. Plus, a little sweat never hurt anybody.

I think that this semester, I will truly be able to show what I can do. It feels so good to be excited about school again!



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