Baby Red

I wasn’t sure what to do with this blog post.

Should I talk about the things I did this summer? Should I explain my absence? Should I just skip all of that and move on to more current, day-to-day things? Should I do some combination of the three?

Eh, screw it. I’ll start with this summer.

Let’s go back in time to May 7th, 2014. I finished my last final at 10:30 and came back to my room to pack until my dad came to help me move out at 3. When we finally had the car full of my things, I started on the route home (dad had graciously decided to let me drive in the rush hour traffic). “Oh, by the way,” he said as we neared the normal exit on the interstate, “We’re picking up your mom from work first.”

I kept my eyes on the road but gestured to the backseat, which was completely full. “But dad, there’s no room in the car for a third person. Shouldn’t we unload some of this stuff at home first?”

“Nah, it’ll be fine. Let’s just pick her up.” I shrugged and drove to her job.

After hugging me and congratulating me on a freshman year well done, my mom and I squeezed into the passenger seat. “I’m hungry,” she declared. Twenty minutes later, we had beef patties from Golden Krust. I was thissssss close to falling asleep when she said, “We’re gonna go look at cars now.”


“Now?” I asked.

“Yes now. It won’t take long, we’re just gonna look.”

I was suspicious, but honestly too tired to process everything. “Okay,” I sighed. My nap would wait.

We pulled up to a Nissan dealership, which I did find weird because we’re usually a Honda family, and I brushed the crumbs off of my pants while my dad shook hands with a salesman. Later I would realize that they looked way too familiar with each other to be meeting for the first time, but at the time I was just thinking about sleep.

Skip ahead skip ahead skip ahead until the salesman drove up in a silver sporty car, a Sentra SR. I’m pretty sure I had hearts in my eyes. “Let’s take her for a ride, shall we?” Yes sir, I thought.

I started to get in the backseat and everyone started laughing. “What?”

“Aren’t you the one driving it?”

I looked at my parents. “Am I?”

“Yeah silly,” my mom said.

I tried really hard to contain my excitement, and it worked…..until I started driving. “This is so cool,” I kept saying over and over. When the salesman told me to gun it in an empty parking lot, I started laughing like a madwoman. This car had serious power! And it was the perfect size and it was shiny and new and….well….I fell in love.

Now, I have a habit of saying yes to the first thing I try out. I feel like it’s okay to find perfection on the first try. My parents, my mother especially, usually disagree. So when we got back to the dealership they started looking at other models and colors and interiors. For the most part, I was more concerned with hiding from the late afternoon sun and cursing myself for wearing black skinny jeans that day. “Why don’t we head inside and talk about it?” the salesman suggested. I thought it was something about the interior not being the right color. I practically ran to the air conditioned building.

If you’ve ever bought a car from a dealership, you’ll know that about half the time spent at the dealership involves waiting. Lots and lots of waiting. I think it took about an hour of waiting before the salesman came back with a number. It took seeing that number for me to realize it: we were buying a car. A car for me. I was getting a car. HOLY CRAP.

Once my parents agreed on a number, it was just a matter of waiting to meet with the manager to sign all the paperwork. As I signed my name, I think I underwent the first part of transitioning into adulthood. Keys were put in my hand, and we walked into the night just as a beautiful, bright red Sentra SR pulled up in front of me, much cooler than the silver car I had driven hours earlier.

(I later found out that my parents had pre-arranged the color. Thanks mom and dad! Good choice πŸ™‚ )

I got to drive the car home along some pretty crazy roads. All that time, I kept thinking about what to name this car. My dad interrupted my thoughts by saying, “You know you’d better take good care of this car, right?”

“Oh of course,” I said absentmindedly as we got out of the car. “This isn’t just a car to me. It’s my baby now.” I paused, and looked at my new red car shining in the moonlight. “Baby Red. That’s what we should call it!”

And so, Baby Red was born on May 7th, 2014. She has been a wonderful addition to my family, and I am so thankful and grateful to have her πŸ™‚


Until next time, which will be soon!


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