Ten Reasons Why I Love My Mom

1. She’s always right. Well, except that one time at Amicalola Falls when we almost got lost. But even when I don’t like it, she always looks out for my best interest and never steers me in the wrong direction.

2. She’s fierce, and I’m not just talking about fashion. My mom has so much confidence in every aspect of her life, and she’s inspired me to be confident in myself all my life.

3. She pushes me to be my very best. My mom knows what I’m capable of, and no matter how successful I am she reminds me that I always have room for improvement.

4. She’s my biggest fan. Even when we don’t agree on something I want to do or pursue, my mom never stops supporting me. Whether it’s driving three hours to see one of my choir concerts, bringing snacks to my volleyball tournaments, or sending me encouraging text messages when she knows I’m down, my mom always shows me that she’s there for me.

5. She loves me. Unconditionally, 24/7, without exception.

6. She’s an amazing listener. I know I can talk to my mom about anything and everything, even if we might have different opinions, and I’m so grateful for that.

7. She’s selfless. I can’t count the number of times my mom has sacrificed and bent over backwards to help me achieve my goals. And this doesn’t just apply to me; it seems that whenever people need help, my mom is always there.

8. She’s one of the hardest working people I know, the other being my dad. My mom is a true go-getter, and when she puts her mind to something there’s no way she can fail. If I’m half as successful as she is when I get older, I will have achieved something great.

9. Best. Chef. Ever.

10. She’s my best friend 🙂

Happy birthday Mommy, I love you!


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