Vivo sin miedo


Here I am at one of the best universities in the country-maybe even in the world-without a trace of uneasiness or anxiety. It’s amazing how I’ve transformed from an insecure, shy rising freshman to the college student I’ve always wanted to be. The kind that works out, dresses well, and eats a balanced meal (given the circumstances), all before 10am and almost effortlessly. The in-the-know girl who, while wearing a school sweatshirt, gets mistaken for a senior and a dorm RA. The one who is confident in how she looks, thinks, and acts. And, more than likely, the one who gets good grades (I don’t get my classes until next week– thanks, uni).

I feel like I’m coming off as a funnier and more charming version of myself, which is funny because before I came here I never would’ve described myself with those two words. I’m not worried about classes, professors, tests, auditions, what people will think of me…anything.

Hell, all I’m worried about is falling out of my ridiculously tall bed while I’m sleeping.

(note to self: get dad to shorten it.)

Because really, what’s the worst that could happen? Bombing my first test doesn’t mean I’ll fail. Not getting into the music group of my dreams won’t magically turn me into a bad singer. And a few people not liking me…well that’s nothing new. Not because I’m a terrible person, but because I won’t let anyone use me or hold me back.

The bottom line is, none of those petty fears is going to make me any less of an awesome person. I might as well live fearlessly.


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