Amicalola Falls

Yesterday when my mom came home from work she sat down next to me on the couch and asked, “What should we do tomorrow?”

Before I could even respond: “I know what would be fun! We should go to Amicalola Falls tomorrow! We could hike up to the waterfall and have a picnic, it would be so nice.”

I agreed with her and thought nothing of it, until 7am this morning when she came in and jumped on my bed.

Oh….she was serious.

We packed up the car and headed towards the falls.


We had a quick bathroom break before we started our trek to the top of the waterfall.



D’aww šŸ™‚


We like each other….sometimes.ImageImage

Still can’t tell which one I look like….ImageImageImage


We made it!


We tried to walk up further, but after about 100 of those 475 steps my body nearly gave out. So we headed back the long way…


Found this guy on the trail.Image

He and my dad are cool now.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Mama šŸ™‚

Once we made it back to civilization we went to the lodge to see the view.


Fancy a game of checkers?


And then I found flowers that I liked.


Then we grilled and had a picnic, but honestly I don’t have that many pictures…


We were basically lazy for the next few hours until we packed up to go home.Ā 

On the way back we happened to pass the Square and I finally got the gelato I’ve been craving for so long!!


Cookies and Cream, in case you were wondering.

So it was a pretty good day, in the end. I highly recommend a trip to Amicalola Falls on a pretty day šŸ™‚





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