On to the Next

Walk in single file line: check.
Sit still for an hour in stifling heat and humidity: check.
Walk across stage without tripping and smiling for pictures, all without dropping the diploma: check.
The end! (There was no cap-tossing)Image

In short, I’m a graduate now. I may be all smiles here, but it was a roller-coaster of a day and a hell of a journey. Twelve years of laughter, tears, Spongebob, smiles, chocolate, and sheer determination had landed me here, in a pretty white dress with a nice diploma in my hands.

While I can breathe a sigh of relief, I know that my journey is far from over. Even though my formal education will end in eight (short?) years, my eagerness to learn won’t quit there. I’ll still listen to and analyze choral music, read about at least one endangered species a day, and expand my library to something other than historical fiction. I will try my hardest to never EVER look like a ‘tourist’ no matter where I go. I will push myself, and I will exceed expectations. I will live, laugh, and love.

While this was a wonderful time and I have gained so much from my experiences thus far, I feel like this is where my life is really going to begin. So cheers, and on to the next.


Oh, and occasionally, I’ll watch Spongebob. I mean, how could you resist that face?

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